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6 Apr The Consolations of Philosophy, by Alain de Botton. Hamilton, £, digested in the style of the original. Buy it at BOL. Thu 6 Apr 17 Jan The Consolations of Philosophy. Alain de Botton’s book takes its title from Boethius’ classic of the same name. In his book, de Botton explores. Three years ago, de Botton offered a delightful encounter with a writer many find unapproachable, in his bestselling How Proust Can Change Your Life. Now he.

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I was wandering through the upper gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as one does when one has a few hours to while away before catching a London flight, when my eye was taken by a painting of the death of Socrates. In the 20th century, most philosophers took a wrong turn and concentrated only on epistemology and metaphysics; hence everyone stopped reading them and the subject became a byword for obscurity.

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Hadn’t I known acute difficulties in my life? LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. Read it Forward Read it first. First published by Hamish Hamilton insubsequent publications onwards have been by Penguin Books.

The book was the inspiration for the Channel 4 TV series Philosophy: Love by a British magazine a pbilosophy years ago, because my first three novels are all about love. A few critics have been negative. In seeking to popularise philosophy, Alain de Botton has merely trivialised it, smoothing the discipline into a series of silly sound bites. Of the six philosophers covered in your book, whose achievements resonate the most strongly?


Alain de Botton is the author of nonfiction works on subjects ranging from love and travel to architecture and philosophy. Philosophy books Alain de Botton.

Even so, I sometimes feel frustrated when things don’t go my way. This page was last edited on 15 Septemberat We are experiencing technical difficulties.

I love including visual elements in my books; and have done so in all 5 of them. And Nietzsche has shrewd counsel allain everything from loneliness to illness.

The Consolations of Philosophy by Alain De Botton |

This man is NOT me. How will ancient writings continue to illuminate our lives? His best-selling… More about Alain De Botton. From the internationally heralded author of How Proust Can Change Your Life comes this remarkable new book that presents the wisdom of some of the greatest thinkers of the ages as advice for our day to day struggles.

Hadn’t I struggled to the summit of Piz Corvatsch, high above the Engadine valleys, to read a quote from Nietzsche that I had written on an envelope from the Hotel Edelweiss in Sils-Maria to the wind and the rocks? Solace for the broken heart can be found in the words of Schopenhauer.

The Consolations of Philosophy, by Alain de Botton

These are categorised in a number of chapters with one philosopher used ve each. Nothing in this travesty deserves its title; Boethius must be turning in his grave.


The ancient Greek Epicurus has the wisest, and most affordable, solution to cash flow problems. What philosopher featured in the book did you most enjoy writing about?

The Consolations of Philosophy – Wikipedia

And if you really are pressed – the digested read, digested: New York Times14 May It is deeply dispiriting, then, that the latest attempt to popularize philosophy [De Botton’s The Consolations of Philosophy ] – that is to say, to make philosophy into televisual fodder – does so precisely on the basis that philosophers can provide us with useful tips When I studied bottton subject at university, I discovered that most philosophers were very abstract and had nothing to tell us about how to live.

Tne fall in love because love is the biological force that gets us to settle down and have children. They begin to talk and she agrees to have dinner. See all books by Alain De Botton. Jonathan Learwriting in the New York Times said: Hopefully in this new century, philosophy will once again engage with everyday life and experience and serious philosophers will write philosophies of travel, eating, marriage, family life etc.