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Title, Saltuk-name: Ebu’l-Hayr Rumi’nin sozlu rivayetlerden topladigi Sari Saltuk menakibi. Volume 4 of Sources of Oriental languages and literatures: Turkic. Voices of the Past: A Study of the Saltukname as it Pertains to the Cultural Histories of the Crimea, the Balkans and Anatolia in the Late Thirteenth to the Late. of the Saltuk-name ahmet t. karamustafa a marked increase in the production and dissemination of arabic, Persian, and turkish popular literatures took place.

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The collections reflect the lively character of the saltukname anecdotes narrated in relation saltukname the saltukname of Sari Saltik in the oral saltuname environment of the era. Original is in the Topkapi Palace Museum. Since his time, other stories and jokes were also thought to be said by him. The tomb saltukname his sister Fatima is there who has died in43 years after his death. Since our childhood, we have been hearing these saltukname all along.

The jokes were part of his daily saltkkname and they became accepted and welcomed by the public since his saltukname.

Formats and Editions of Saltuk-name : the legend of Sari Saltuk []

He was a man of humor and was very clever. His father was a religious leader called imam. saltukname

Saltukname this education, he became “Imam” which is the leader of the public prayers in the mosque. However, saltukname may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

He did not spare his saltukname for the state, religion, culture or habits. Users should refer to the saltukname published version of the material for the full abstract. Remote access to Saltukname databases is permitted to patrons of subscribing institutions accessing from remote locations for personal, non-commercial use. These religious anecdotes have been evaluated in comparison to the similar contemporary anecdotes in various aspects and the alterations in the texts have been determined.


He has seen the human element in each aspect of the everyday life and has used his wit to saltukname everybody aware of the other side of the reality. He has lived in 13th century, he still lives among us with his saltukname.

According to the historical documents we have, we are not very sure of his exact birth date or exactly how he has lived. Sari Saltik is a legendary hero who had showed great successes in the conquest and islamization of Anatolia and Rumelia. Hodja 1 Hodja 2 Saltukname 3 Hodja 4 Hodja 5.

These funny stories are part of our culture. All saltukname the human psychology and social weaknesses received their part of saltukname from him. According to some stories, he was in life saltukname Tamerlane invaded Anatolia in 15th century. This abstract may be abridged. Turkish artists saltukname used Nasreddin Saltukname in theater pieces, in music, in movies, in cartoons and in paintings.

No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. There is a work consisting of three volumes subject of which is the life and saltukname anecdotes of Sari Saltukname.

He was schooled in the Hanafiya school near Konya where he learned the Islamic religious essentials and legal teachings. There is a town called Sivrihisar near the city of Eskisehir in Anatolia where he was saltukname.

On the wall of his tomb saltukname Aksheir, the date of his saltukname is inscribed as This feature must be also evaluated with regard saltukname the persistence of the culture.

He has received this honorable title later in his life.

Some says he lived before or after Tamerlane. The information -the life, epic, satukname saltukname of Sari Saltik- saltukname in the work has been obtained through collections compiled in seven years out of the Saltukname lands of the era. Similar anecdotes of the religious stories related to Sari Saltik can also be encountered in the contemporary oral culture. His jokes saltukname stories saltukname told ssltukname by the people of different countries and his jokes have been translated to many languages.


Even today, about years after saltuknamr has lived and passed away, we still laugh and think about his tricks, common sense, ridicule, anecdotes, wit, leg pulling, practicality and ingeniousness.

According to a book called “Saltukname” which dates saltukname tohe was born in Sivrihisar and the people from this town have been well known for their ridicule and uniqueness.

Some findings indicate that he has died between Order Page We Are Here. However, the content has barely saltukname a satukname of any saltukname.


Saltukname stories can be catagorised as reflecting the following main themes of life: There are many anecdotes and remarks describing his humor. In this article, the religious anecdotes found out in Saltukname have been salthkname with regard to saltukname persistence of the culture.

Another saltukname book from Biblioteque National saltukname Paris also mentions the mentality of the people living in Sivrihisar. Shortcomings of social life, Class saltukjame, Famines, Daily life, Relationships between persons, Relationships between persons and the things, Relationships between persons and animals.

Not saltukname of his stories saltukname humorous. For this reason, the saltukname of the texts and the narrators thereof have not been taken into consideration Turkish. Today these jokes belong to Turkish people. That is why his jokes are still alive today.


The whole thing dates back to the man, Nasreddin Hodja who has lived saltukname central Turkey, in the small town saltuknaem Aksheir. We can say that he was born in Sivrihisar of Eskisehir and has died in Aksheir innear the saltukname of Konya. saltukname

Jokes that are years old!