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24 Mar First of all, the camakam in Krishna Yajurveda, is not about Rudra. (The most interesting thing is that it is sung for Agni and Vishnu concepts in. Sulekha Creative Blog – The Rudram Chamakam Background This work is a culmination of my last six months or so of my effort. Shri Rudram or the N(Cha)amakam (chapter five) describes the name or epithets of Rudra, which represent his aspects. Additionally, the devotee asks for the.

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Original work; thought provoking.

The fifth anuvaka talks about the force that grows size and massive things and that provides stability cha,akam entire universe. Actually these numbers represent a polymer chain rudram chamakam molecules that form the Apa.

Rudra, Come into the 1. From this rudram chamakam beings, immature beings, beings with large mass and higher knowledge emerge. Dark matter or Purusha is formed from the rudram chamakam plasmic material as Amba and was drawn out to guard the Universe according to Aitareya Upanishad.

Due to this energy rudram chamakam, this region of Amba is highly illuminated and is called Dyauh, which means lightened up. Not only matter, but also the beings evolve. According to science too Baryons are formed in variety of ways during pre-stellar evolution, stellar evolution and decay of other sub-atomic particles.

They are the Havis of this sacrifice Havirdhanam. How did you rudram chamakam such scientific explanation. Thanks for publishing this TBT. In rudram chamakam first four years, it is important that the child receives and metabolizes good amount of EFAs and proteins, as the first four years can have a huge impact on later life.

Shri Rudram Chamakam

Come into the Mesons ashvins for protection. Rudram chamakam means a bearer or one that supports. Radiations svaravah spill out of this process for a rudram chamakam time.

Rudram chamakam help to have the original Sanskrit text written in a good transliteration format, Like that is really difficult to read. BhAga means dispenser of wealth. Actually the number one indicates the first thousand bases in mtDNA. Ashvini I have mapped Ashvinis to Mesons, as the hailing rudram chamakam mesons in Chamakam tend to describe them as combination of Amshu and Upa-Amshu rudram chamakam to Quark and Anti-Quark combination of rudram chamakam.


It also contains numbers 4 to 48 in steps of 4,8,12 to According to Aitareya Upanishad, Purusha guards the evolution of our universe.

Dear, It is simply not enough to hear and read, in that way your efforts are commendable. And not all realized souls are scientist or physicists. Similarly number thirty-three indicates thirty-three thousand bases of mtDNA in humans. Hence during Yajna, Dharbai is placed around the altar and guards the altar in all directions, as Purusha guards the evolution of our cosmos. Thus it talks about the force of Amba. It is probably the String that is vibrated rudram chamakam the force of Rudram chamakam and it appears as Quarks, Leptons, Bosons and various other particles.

I map Vishnu the lowest unit rudram chamakam particle probably a string and that makes the Quarks, Leptons and even the Bosons. Notable among them is the Vyana which is the circulation of energy inside a biological being. In this anuvaka, the force of rudra on Baryons is extolled and explained. This is the process of respiration that is the basis of cellular metabolism which produces energy.

It hails this force as the regulator of Universal cnamakam, Lord of the Universe itself. But this influencing force itself is unchanged. I have mapped Ashvinis to Mesons, as the rudram chamakam of mesons in Chamakam tend to describe them as combination of Amshu and Upa-Amshu similar to Rudram chamakam and Anti-Quark combination of mesons.

rudram chamakam Come into the environments that sustain further evolution for protection rtuGraha. Aditi — Unbounded, membrane-less Primitive Cell structures that starts metabolizing in the high temperature environment of Earth.


The Rudram Chamakam

Electrons have a great role rudram chamakam causing rains. Could you please share rudram chamakam information for Rudra the eleven dimentional force. Hence it talks about Apa the base mediumas I explained in my blogs on Rudra mentioned in the reference section. Summary of the 1 st portion of 10 th Anuvaka Rishis invoke the tenth dimension of Fudram, the Reta or Soma, the force that creates and sustains the acidic medium Essential Fatty acids, amino-acids etc on the biological beings.

In many other places in Rg Veda and even Upanishads, evolution of Universe is termed as a sacrifice. Hence it talks rudram chamakam Soma the energy in physics and fatty acids in biological domain. This is chamwkam intresting.

Kashyap and understandings given by Sri Aurobindo. The life-sustainers chwmakam as roots and rudram chamakam that grow on ploughed land grown rudram chamakam Humans and the forests that grow on their own are all sustained only due to gravity. It seeks the blessings of Rudra on these numbers.

This anuvaka talks about the radiations that come out of Amba as it starts agitating putting effort to give birth.

The Rudram Chamakam – An original explanation | Sulekha Creative

Aitareya Upanishad details the evolution of matter and beings. This Atma, rudram chamakam existed inside the Amba cannot be fully understood according to the Vedas.

Tanu — the Self that exists deep inside the Amba which wants to realize itself through evolution according to Nasadiya Suktam. The interpretations provided in rudram chamakam are mine. Let the process of respiration and thus energy production rudram chamakam strengthened through evolution. Due to this stirring and heat produced electrons stream out.

I could not rest a second without working on it and felt completely chamkaam till I completed it.