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D.J. MacHale is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling Pendragon series and the Morpheus Road series. He has written, directed and produced many. Pendragon, Book Ten. The Soldiers of Halla. The Soldiers of Twenty yards back and every last Traveler of Halla would have been obliterated. Our final stand. (Book 10 of Pendragon: Journey of an Adventure Through Time and Space) Cataloging-in-Publication Data MacHale, D. J. The soldiers of Halla / D. J.

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Every secret is at last revealed, the truth uncovered… But, is Bobby Pendragon ready to fight Saint Dane for everything that matters most in order to save all that was, is, and ever will be? I’m shocked and hhe that it’s finally over what a trip!

MacHale pendragon the soldiers of halla one author who definitely doesn’t hold back and definitely doesn’t make it easy for his characters in the final battle.

Pendragon: The Soldiers of Halla

They know where they came from, who they are, and find out that they each have extraordinary powers. The final battle has begun. And then, when it all comes down to it after what slodiers probably the most epic fistfight ever!

And Elli, as a Traveler, already did so much work!

Anyways, that ended Saint Dane because all the negative energy in his Solara became positive, and his spirit just winked out. Meaning everyonce in a while there were moments that I could tell were suppoesed to be dramatic but they weren’t becuase I had already figured it out.

Regardless of pendragon the soldiers of halla or not the Travelers got to live out their lives, return to Solara, and then regain their memories as implied pendragon the soldiers of halla Uncle PressI still feel this way. The gars and yanks came all the way from Eelong to team up with Mark and his rebels and the travelers. He was on the sidelines when the high school running back dropped dead with no warning.


There were a lot of questions answered and mysteries solved, and somehow it all finally made sense. It must be a plane, I’ve finally and insanely concluded. Then summed up in one sentence: Klees eat gar now. I jumped into the flumes one last time with high expectations for the Soldiers of Halla and slammed right into a brick wall of dissapointment. The Bartimaeus Trilogy, Book 1 By: I actually had to force myself to read this.

I guess they had mostly served their purposes earlier on, though. The territories inhabitants positive energy has been all but drained. As the Travelers are walking they find themselves under missle attack. Some reward for her service as a Traveler! I need to read that one again. After pendragon the soldiers of halla read the book the rest of my freinds finished our so long anticipated series this was their reaction. But for such a huge and potentially ruinous concept, MacHale handled it fairly well, despite the fact that it was kind of a lot for a last book reveal.

This is a children’s series, but children don’t need clear-cut good and pensragon. And the best book so far in this series is The Never War. Good ending but pendragon the soldiers of halla was pretty predictable. It seemed to me that Saint Dane had a lot of hidden motives that might make him more sympathetic once they were relieved.

His doing so might have been the final challenge for him to overcome in this whole journey. I loved, loved, loved new Mark! So there was this huge penultimate battle for Pendragon the soldiers of halla Water, and there was a lot of valley busting and a few surprises.

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. To me it made it feel like Bobby’s wild adventures to save Halla had been almost pointless.

View all 4 comments. He brings the stories to life and is consistant across the series. It wasn’t exactly an epic conclusion By the tenth book, gone is the scared boy.

“Pendragon The Soldiers of Halla” by D.J. MacHale

The Soldiers of Halla Book 10 of Pendragon. The story is filled with everything under the sun; blockbuster action, complex mysteries, oof scenes, comedic relief Overall, though, this was a pretty decent book and a fairly solid finish.


I have re-read this entire series four or five rhe now. Hate, Really Hate, the Epilogue The Soldiers of Halla Pendragon I have been infatuated with the pendragon the soldiers of halla of Bobby Pendragon the soldiers of halla since I bought the first books in the series and read them to my son back in pendrqgon What had started as an innocent boy trying to solve the problems of territories ridden with trouble transformed into a battle for the very existence of all that is, was, and will be.

At stake is not only the tenth and final territory, but all that ever It has all been leading to this.

The Soldiers of Halla (Pendragon, #10) by D.J. MacHale

The voice he uses has always been apropriate to the book he is narating. It’s a brilliant way to end the series!

The soldiers of Halla by D. After sticking with these characters through 10 books, it was so rewarding pendragon the soldiers of halla see them growing into these amazing people, coming into their own, and I was cheering them on, fighting their battles alongside them. To see what your kf thought of this book, please sign up.

Anyways, Bobby has just met up with his friends, and learned some VERY important information about the Travelers the people destined to fight Saint Dane.

If it was truly up to the ordinary people of Halla to destroy Saint Dane, than I thought Bobby and his fellows should have been ordinary beings chosen from among those, or maybe ordinary beings that showed extraordinary promise. The ending was disappointing.