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Dive deep into Susan Minot’s Monkeys with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. 8 Aug NATIONAL BESTSELLER In this luminous story of family life–the first novel by Susan Minot, author of the highly acclaimed Evening–the seven. 7 May A rather well-off family in Massachusetts with seven children (the “”monkeys”” of the title) has a father who drinks too much, a mother who dies.

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Aug 20, Monkeys susan minot rated it really liked it. I started this before I saw the Goodreads description that includes the dread word “luminous. Monkeys also illustrates the importance of communal actions when looking at novels in stories.

Monkeys by Susan Minot

Terrifying events occur—the father dumps a glass of ice water over his head in the restaurant, Gus, Jr. The plan, monkeys susan minot, backfires, and the sense of disassociation and insecurity, personified for the children by their father, returns.

As they grow older, they meet with the perplexing lives of adults. Still, in style and content, Monkeys is a finely brushed portrait that will remain with me. Be the first to discover new monkeys susan minot Vignettes of a large family over the years through various ups and downs.

The family in Monkeys is fascinating in the ways that they are and are not like other family groupings. Even though the portrayal is of a very large family, Monkeys susan minot feel that all families, large and small, would be able to understand and feel camaraderie with the ever-changing Vincents. Or, The most interesting thing for me about Monkeys is that the length of the reviews on this site is directly proportional to the number of stars the reviewer gave.


Want to Read saving…. Monkeys susan minot of multiple boyfriends and girlfriends are brought to light, as well as other illegal activities.

As they grow older, they meet minlt the perplexing lives of adults. A review described her writing as ‘minimalist. I’m in the mood for noir. Mar 08, Monkeys susan minot rated it liked it Shelves: How can an author monkeys susan minot a story that leaves the reader to fill in the gaps? So after reading two stories, the precedent has been set–each mokeys will have a unique, or at least rotating, point-of-view.

Anyone can tell a tale of a family as it grows older.

Monkeys Analysis

Apr 10, Eva Silverfine rated it liked it. Susn do think this is well written, it just has me asking more monkeys susan minot, and not really getting to know any of the characters as much as I would have liked to.

There was no character growth at all other than to get older and no individual character who stood out. LitFlash The eBooks you suasn at the lowest prices. I like that it walks the line between monkeys susan minot monkes novel and being monkeys susan minot collection of short stories. The Vincent offspring seem to continuously wonder about their parents and the seemly harsh whispered discussions in moonlit rooms.


The monkeys susan minot captures the details of daily life beautifully. The narrator focuses on Mum and the children Caitlin, Delilah, Sophie, Gus Jr, Donald, and Chase in great detail about not disturbing their father, thus painting a picture of a quick-tempered and alcoholic father figure.

So now we’re in third. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

May 20, Sasha Possemato rated it monkeys susan minot was amazing. Monkeys may not be a novel of interest for everyone — especially those who monekys short story compilations to be dull.


Again, this list is subject to change, and I look forward to learning monkeys susan minot about the form and making changes to the list. Salinger darkness and breakdown lurking just under a middle-class things-as-usual surface –in these spare, carefully wrought, and moneys moving stories.

A book I reread once a year. At book’s end, we have peered into everyday events of a family and that’s it. There are writers who make mistakes.

Although Monkeys is being marketed as a novel, it could as monkeys susan minot be considered a collection of interconnected short stories. The now teenagers throw lavish parties filled with alcohol and pot while their parents and younger siblings are away on vacation.