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Marthanda Varma [C V Raman Pillai] on Marthanda Varma ( ) is the first of a trilogy of historical novels which C.V. wrote on the royal family. Marthandavarma is a novel by C.V. Raman Pillai published in It is presented as a historical romance recounting the history of Venad (Travancore) during. In The Novel There Is A Historical Romance, But Its Subtext Is A Political One Of Contemporary Significance. In The Novel There Is A Subplot With Subhadra At.

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Kochu Velu — Youngest of maternal nephews of Mangoikkal Kurup. This novel is the first historical novel published in Malayalam language and in marthanda varma novel India. Retrieved 1 September Oct 13, Vijay Kumar rated it liked it. A plot line that is hardly a novelty ain’t it? The trio hide near a banyan tree while Subhadra fetches five men, dressed varmma porters, from her home and rejoins them.

Sundrayyan is also mentioned as Pulamadan. The next day, the prince conducts post funerary rituals for the king.


The marthanda varma novel is generated, then kept until the end. He is born to the previous armory care taker and a lady servant at Chembakassery.

Parameswaran Nogel Memorial Trust. Ajithkumar notes the references in the legends that the house of Chadachi Marthandan was located at Chulliyur. Its her plans that always helped the king.



Nagam Aiya states that their titles are the names of the villages [G] they headed and not their family names. Krishna Pillai and Prof. Chandrasekharan Narendra Prasad S. Raman Pillai ‘s Marthandavarma. Chandu Menon’s Indulekha marthanda varma novel, the second novel in Malayalam, They defeat the men of Velu Kurup.

Marthandavarma (novel) – Wikipedia

Following Thambi’s order to capture the Channan-people, the mad Channan is captured and locked in the dungeon. Kerala Sahithya Sahakarana Sangham. Subhadra, who displays Sherlok Holme’s talent of secret investigation The archer, Chulliyil Chadachi Marthandan Pilla, chases after them, shooting arrows. Parameswaran Pillai and the latter were in Madras. marthanda varma novel

Marthanda varma novel was written in and is more fact than fiction. He stays at Chembakassery with his family. Nairs of Mangoikkal — Eight Nairs of Mangoikkal who aid in providing defence against the attack by Velu Kurup vama his men at Mangoikkal.

One of his ears is sliced down by Ananthapadmanabhan, also gets killed by him at dungeon at Sree Pandarathu house. Unnamed Women — The women who are at their respective houses and blame the prince, Marthanda varma novel Varma.

A History of Indian Literature: The movie adaptation Marthanda Varma led to a legal dispute with the marthanda varma novel publishers and became the first literary work in Malayalam to be the subject of a copyright infringement.


Sundarayyan advances towards him but Beeram Khan springs out from under the body, kills his opponent and leaves the battlefield at once. According to Kalpetta Balakrishnan, C. Thumpamon Thomas [v] marthanda varma novel that the narration is as small water streams that eventually form into a waterfall similar to the strands in a twisted rope made of coir.

Prince Marthanda varma novel Varma halts there on marthanda varma novel way to Boothapandi and later Padmanabhan Thambi camps there, after which fifty numbers of Channar people were executed at the palace compound. The novel was a forerunner in Malayalam historical fiction. Raman Pillai, who came to know about the concise narration only after getting the printed copy as he had left to Thiruvananthapuram before the completion of printing, criticized the author regarding the same.