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With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load for me to initially wrap my mind around the rules, terms, and concepts. World at War Box01 Storm the Gap World at War Box02 Blood and . update for a while so that I can get into the game with streamlined rules. Since Storming the Gap includes “older editions of Eisenbach Gap”. Got some Eisenbach Gap Deluxe begging to be played! version and would love to have a searchable pdf for rules referencing, but mostly so I.

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Major KesslerMar 27, TXBlackRifle I’m very excited by this news.

You really break down the game concepts eisenbxch Another command element is the in-game headquarters units. Hipshot January 29, at 1: EG is worth a look. In addition, Eisenbach Gap is the first game in the World at War series so we will see additional titles using the same system in the future.

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The View from the Turret

Gordon James Mosher likes this. It was suppose to be a jokeright? Though my understanding of the system is still lacking.

Matt Lohse As I am double checking counters before printing, are there any unit value error people can remember for me to check ie the Leo 1s in Dot1P with the armor where everywhere else in the series they havemaking sure we have the correct version of all the Garbo counters.


You will need notes on what does what until you get a game or two under your belt. One of the outcomes of that was a game Agp had in the back of my mind for years. This is a great chance to dive into the popular World at War system with the first two modules packed in one box. Love those game’s maps and unit counters and loved the preview for WaW85 maps. Karazjo This is great news!

PDF living rulebook for WaW series? | Lock ‘n Load Publishing Forums

Sorry, this product is not currently available. The counters do seem to have a dizzying array of numbers on them but they all will quickly make sense. Fulda Gap, be used?

Leeboy24Keith Tracton and Karazjo like this. While the game depicts fictional scenarios, Eisenbach Germany was a real point of possible contention during the Cold War.

We will be printing new updated and is some cases expanded editions of our World At Ruules 85 series games.

In addition, the woods give one more defensive die roll. Our new edition will be a military theme only. The combat system is very miniatures like and in fact could easily be adapted for miniature use especially for micro armor. Bill K This is excellent news!

The only obviously missing element is close air support. They are essentially the thickness of two pieces of card stock. Simo Parviainen Very nice cover art!

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HEXASIM-World at War Eisenbach Gap

The war is raging on and now it is […] Reply. Each formation has a dedicated HQ unit.

With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load Publishing, I thought I would provide an extended example of play to help new players quickly dive into the system. If you have an interest in the period at all or eisenbbach platoon-level games then WaW: Thanks to your writeups which clarify a lot of game concepts I think I’m finally going to be playing Blood and Bridges which should more than adequately prepare me for the simpler Eisenbach Gap. This uncertainty makes no plan a sure thing and goes a long way to forcing players to think a bit more like their real life counterparts than do riles other games.

Combat is basically a miniatures-like dice system. Ken Warren February 6, at 9: Tags separate by space: I get nothing from LnL. For example, an M1 platoon that is firing on a unit of Ts in the woods at normal range would roll four D6 and need four or greater on each die to score hits. The HQ has a command range that all units must remain within.