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Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex: Core Rulebook [Joseph Goodman] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dinosaurs, the Wild West, Space. Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex. The licensing arrangement of the D20 system helped spurn on many companies, producing items for both the existing D&D. I’ve only briefly seen a copy of the game at a con, and though I had the chance to flip through it I don’t remember too much about its metaplot.

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You horrible, horrible person. In spite of this super-aggressive attitude, claw cutters work together in large packs, hunting down large prey species with a tactic of biting wounds before ripping the wounds wider and wider with their hook-hands.

Dinosaur Planet: Broncosaurus Rex – System Mastery 62 | System Mastery

Factions Broncosaurus Rex is one of those games that sort of assumes you are going to play a human, nevermind the awesome intelligent dinosaurs.

Where the first two Broncosaurus Rex books focused on creatures with low CR the better to start low-level campaigns withthis book expands into the higher CRs. From Allosaurus to the Pachycephalosaurs Chapter 3 is where we finally get to the dinosaur part of this venture in full. Being a member of the Union means you’re that snooty asshole that speaks your mind and the Confederates hate you, and you are either a high-strung overachiever or a bumming underachiever with few chances for room in between.

Generating Settlements If you hadn’t noticed broncosautus, a lot of Cretasus is either unsettled or made up of nameless generic villages, ranches, and towns outside of the big name locations seen in chapter 1. Well if you guessed a ludicrous amount of Confederacy apologia, give yourself a prize and then ask yourself why that was your first guess. Ballistic Weapons This is pretty much broncosayrus all of your standard firearms fall. Because of broncosauruw, Union colonists make up a disproportionate number of the loggers and miners on Cretasus, as both those vocations are easy to learn and they produce profits fast.


Dinosaur Intelligence Why are dinosaurs on Cretasus capable of sapience? Actually he created the Unisystem Ruleset for Eden Studios. See All Ratings and Reviews. The adventure “Southern Discomfort” is blatantly meant to be a crossover between Odyssey Prime and Broncosaurus Rex, as the former is all about a government dimension-hopping organization and the latter is an alternate dimension.

Broncosaurue and Mutations After informing us that mutant dinosaurs should be very rare 1 inif thatthis segment gives yet another table of rare mutations you can give dinosaurs. On the unusual patterns table, we’ve rolled a 53 – 51 to 60 is “alternating bands”.

If the Internet had been used i would have been great, but not many were on at that time.

Broncosaurus Rex PDF

That’s a good idea. Meet the Machinist, the backbone of the Union and a decently common class in the Free Fleet.

According to Levers, the owner of Kitty’s is a Union spy, the local loggers are lead by a Union spy, the steel mines have Union spies, and pretty much every organization that exists has at least a few Union spies. Still, let’s be fair and take a look at a few of the less utterly bland ones. If you’re a Confederate character, you get access to three feats no one else can access: Another contrast is that while the big rexes tend to be more muted shades, the big Als tend to be bright shades of blue, red, and yellow.

Broncosaurus Rex: Dinosaurs That Never Were PDF

The DC to tame a rideable T-Rex the only thing worth doing in this game is 40 to There’s also the generic language of Dinosaur Common, which gets this rather scathing line written about it: Of course they’d bronccosaurus a specific subsection on this.

Copy Link Tweet This. No, I still haven’t gotten over that. These range from opposable claws broncosqurus increased intelligence to chameleonic skin or gills, with plenty of things in between.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Because aliens, that’s why. Still, it is part of the book, so I can’t be fair to it if I simply skip over an entire chapter. Log In I am new here. Attempts to negotiate with them will inevitably lead to them taking your offer, then turning around and attacking you because they can. For now, though, we still have work to do on the dinosaur planet.


After slipping out of a top secret research base, Canada Louie Wilhelm became legendary for his attempts to transplant human brains into ceratosaur bodies. Joe Goodman who write that thing is a nice guy.

All their games are. There’s a lot of mentions of ironclads, spaceships, tanks, and the like being utilized by the Union and sometimes the Confederacy, but very few actual pieces are given.

And break through materials they will: In the yeardinosaurs have been discovered on the planet Cretasus. Can things get even dumber?

You could also do actually sane things with the tables, of course, like an albino Pachycephalosaurus or a swamp edge-stalking T. He also wrote Nightbane and Armageddon. That’s pretty much it. The Challenge Rating will be after the nickname in the header as usual, however. One of its lay nicknames, “bronco”, makes up a prominent part of the title.

This is from Goodman Games. I’m rather relieved this is the last time I’ll be having to go over this point of reprimand for Broncosaurus Rex. Nobody told the artist that, though, apparently. Time passed, and these never showed up.

He is a dual citizen. Which is why in Shadowrun people are still faxing things to each other and stealing disks but they have monofilament weapons and cyber-armor. Of course, the greed intrinsic in individual humans is still a limiting factor on the attitude of any particular Confederate citizen.