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Buy Solu JY-MCU HC Slave Bluetooth Serial Port Transeiver Baseboard Mini module// Arduino Wireless Bluetooth Transceiver Module Slave 4Pin Serial. Only US$,buy JY-MCU Bluetooth Wireless Serial Port Module for Arduino from DealExtreme with free shipping now. JY-MCU Bluetooth Serial Port Module (Master). Model HCARDU Condition New. The Hobby Components wireless Bluetooth module is intended to be.

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Sending an AT from the Microcontroller shows that the command arrives at the Bluetooth module too:. Hi Erich, Thanks for the reply, would the wire-bridge modification work for me? HalloI have recently purchased HC bluetooth modulei am have connected with Arduino Uno board.

Email required Address never made public. Measuring temperature with DS18B20 temperature sensor. After connection red LED is blinking but i my-mcu not able to connect to my phone bluetooth lz help. So if you connect it to your modem directly, that will be a bad idea: It is recognized as HC Soldered bridge over Diode Footprint.

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial

Well done on the detective work Erich. Maybe it has a different yj-mcu see this post about different firmware? The master will be connected to a pc and the slaves will have text files that will contain sensor readings. But interestingly it sometimes has some error. But these PDD macros are only for enabling pullups: Bypassing the diode is only an option if you know what the problem is. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!


It will not provide any protection to the module unless your electronics were to apply a negative voltage to the Tx pin.

Getting Bluetooth Working with JY-MCU BT_BOARD V1.06

Then it works flawlessly. Thanks again for taking the time to write this.

You need to check the details of your microprocessor manual if and how you can enable internal pull-ups. No such file or directory how do I include the library in my project?

Today I notice jy-mu even using battery I would have some similar error sometimes, but the error rate when using USB as power source seems to be a lot more. I also referred your nRF24L01 prj also.

If you get strange characters, then this is a sign of wrong baud rate settings: Check out the 74LCX14 inverters etc if bletooth need the polarity inversion.

And the AT commands have to be sent from the microcontroller attached, not from the PC. Interesting is that I can no longer connect to the module, through phone or other Bluetooth module. Then you should see a response the module, and from the analyzer you could calculate the baud rate the module is responding. I wonder if there is a way to revert a 1. I expected that they will work as the modules I had ordered from DX half a year ago. Is there a way to contact you directly?

Connecting Arduino Uno and the JY-MCU Bluetooth module using SoftwareSerial |

This error can be caused by a number of things, so it is hard to pinpoint the problem without more info. Yes, I have seen this too.


Thank you, Ju-mcu Like Like. To inspect the differences, I removed the shrink tube around the board with a sharp knife cutting the tube on the side be careful! Hi Erich, Thanks for the reply! I hope that this post is useful for anyone else who might receive the V1.

But direct connection will be cheap and simple. So what is wrong that nothing arrives on bluetooth connector pin to the microcontroller? Hi Jim, this post has a bluetloth write-up on how to change the configuration of the Bluetooth module, hope it helps: As in the original postyou can use Blueterm to send 1, or 0 zero from your Android phone to the Arduino and switch the LED on or off.

I will check the links and will try it again. Great tutorials you provide! If you open up SoftwareSerial constructor docsSoftwareSerial constructor is defined as such:. Bluetooty is already bundled with Arduino, so no further downloads are necessary. Other than that, I have my contact email listed on the About page of this blog as well if something cannot be shared in in public. Although that didnt work either. Cancel reply Enter your comment here I prefer discussions in a public forum like jym-cu one.

Using mbed might be your problem: