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This manual is available through Aldelo Systems Inc. and resellers worldwide. For further information about other languages that the manual may be translated . POS Nation offers training videos for Aldelo for Restaurants. You just go to and you can see everything there. . than one of the buttons shown, you are able to manually enter that using the on-screen keyboard . Send comments about this manual to [email protected] Example of this would be Aldelo For Restaurants POS solution integrated with Aldelo EDC to.

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Browse to the following path: If you are ordering multiple drawers, but do not want them to have the same key, chose the “Keyed Differently” lock type.

Optionally, you may import information from an exported text file from an infoUSA information file infoUSA is a service that provides sales leads and mailing lists for a fee. You would want to use this if you wanted to increase or aldelo pos manual an entire menu or aldelo pos manual items prices by either a dollar amount or percentage. To change the time and date follow these steps:.

Der Salzkristall – Salzgrotte und Natursalzladen

Make sure all network cables are securely connected. You can work around the eight aldelo pos manual split limit by splitting the original check into two checks and then splitting those two checks up to eight times each. Aldelo pos manual can also settle batch from the Operations Tab. Change the date and time to the desired values.

Aldelo Touch delivers superb user interfaces for intuitive operations, while keeping the user experience pleasant. Call Us Today Step 1: Any excess digits aldelo pos manual truncated and the number of digits displayed matches the value chosen.

Please note the toolkit download is broken down into eight parts. Bulldog Tech Aldelo Pos aldeloreprint invoice. The drive letter should be D: The default path is C: This in turn can slow down the software.


Aldelo pos manual Pos March 3 After entering the phone number all aldelo pos manual associated with that account will then show and you can select the credit to apply to the guests check. When you have finished translating the strings, you may export them aldelo pos manual an ASCII text file that can be used to review these strings all at once. Usually that means the network is down or there is a problem with the sever computer.


If you are using the same modifier template for certain items when you change the modifier template it will change for every aldelo pos manual it is assigned too. The translation, if entered previously, appears in the input field at the bottom of the screen. The Aldelo For Restaurants software solution is extremely user friendly and very simple to learn. Yes, this is normal you will only receive the email notifications if aldelo pos manual EDC settles the batch.

If your database is getting very large you can export some of your settings delete the database once you verify your current batch has been close and there are no transactions in it and then set up a new database by opening the EDC software. Be the first to review this product. IntegrationServices Aldelo pos manual Utility Aldelo. These cash drawers all come with the same key. Typically the manager and a person with technical skills are notified, with the third party being the Aldelo pos manual Service Provider or Aldelo Technical Support when troubleshooting.

Aldelo POS running slow

Double click on it and click the stop button. Select the corresponding checkboxes for the notifications you wish to deliver. Aldelo pos manual you can use barcoded items as well as bar coded coupons with Aldelo. To edit or add quick void reasons you want to go aldelo pos manual your back office and then store settings.

All of the strings with numbers between those chosen inclusive display in the large list. The information in the CSV file must follow a specific format. aodelo


No, you alselo compact the EDC database. Yes this is normal the e-mail notifications will only be sent when the auto batch experiences a seccussful batch or a failed batch.

Aldelo Session key not Ready

Restart the machine Step 5: To setup this Groupon in Aldelo go to your back office and then navigate to setup at the top of the screen. A receipt will print to remind you to include the money on your cashier out money aldelo pos manual.

Please be sure to receive permission from third parties before setting them up in your notification list. To see a list of all gift certificates sold you aldelo pos manual want to access the back office and then highlight the reports aldelo pos manual at the top of the screen. Whether you are looking to automate your order entry and cash register procedures, prevent employee mistakes, prevent cash drawer shortages, improve inventory tracking, start offering in-house charge accounts, start offering a frequent diner program, or to start tracking customer sales history, you have chosen the right solution to do the job!

The Aldelo Resource Database Selection screen displays. You would have aldelo pos manual do this for each menu item you want two tickets sent for, there is no global setting to control this.

The file has a. If the discount is applied to an item it will appear directly after the item on the check, if the discount is applied to the entire aldelo pos manual there will be a one line space between the last item on the check and the discount amount. When they come back with a receipt you give them money out of the drawer and create the General Payout for that amount.