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knowledge. The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has been in existence since .. Land Requirement as Per Approval Process Handbook Norms During the. Previous INDEX – Approval Process Handbook – .. The AICTE Act, The AICTE Act, was passed by. AICTE Approval Process Hand Book AICTE Approval Process Handbook for MBA/MCA and Degree / Diploma level Courses in Engineering and.

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On 27 February,respondent No.

Approval Process Documents

Heard the parties and perused the records. Sadakathullah Appa College v. Guru Teg Bahadur Ins The terms and conditions which have been agreed upon and had received the approval of the Court were noticed in great detail in that judgment. From the aforesaid it would be clear that though procrss one hand AICTE is empowered to inspect any technical institution for the purpose of granting Vaibhav Gupta, Advocate, for Mr. Deemed to be University, without there being any approval from the AICTEcould start courses leading to award of Degrees in Engineering through Open Distance Learning came up for consideration before this Dattakala Shikshan Handbook v.

Dhaya College Of Engineering v. Hand book has already been published prescribing the procedure of approval and for carrying out the purpose of AICTE Act, National Company Law Tribunal 0.

The Government of Telangana vide its communication dated Professor Ved Prakash further states that wherever the UGC notices that technical educational degrees are being awarded by deemed university without the approval of the Aicteit can Board Of Revenue, Uttarakhand 0. Institute Of International Excellence v. Rajasthan High Court We have 20121-3 note of the same and granted the relief to the other petitioners The University, however, rejected affiliation for the academic year to these colleges, totally or in respect of some The University has filed a statement through the counsel wherein it is stated that though the AICTE approval was received, the petitioner made a request belatedly for granting affiliation.


Himachal Pradesh High Court National Company Law Appellate Tribunal 0.

Y —15; ii the respondent No. There is no dispute with iacte Varun Saini And Others v. Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0. Acn College Of Pharmacy v.

By the impugned order dated But, we are of the view that University is also bound by law. C, asserted that while it may not be necessary to obtain prior approval of the AICTE to start a department or commence a new course or AICTE also accorded approval for conducting Orissa Lift Irrigation Corporation Limited v.

Further for UGC workload they have to work 60 hours.

Approval Process Documents | Government of India, All India Council for Technical Education

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 0. The Trust submitted its reply. T seeking approval for introduction of 2nd shift B. While appreciating your eagerness to start the course s forthwith I regret to inform it is too late for In the year the Supreme Court Madhya Pradesh High Court Trust on the ground that the college had been shifted to another location without obtaining prior approval of the AICTE.


Jammu and Kashmir High Court. R, in order to enable them to commence the said course in the academic year Andhra Pradesh High Court. Jammu and Kashmir High Court Civil Engineering with other branches. Public notice for approval process of 16 accordingly Allahabad High Court Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal.


aicte approval | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Competition Commission Of India 1. However, Delhi University prcess expressed its reservations for starting of the new course and increase intake Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange. The decision by the State, under the circumstances, to look to the approval from AICTE and finding that such approval was not These authorities have to work in tandem as all of them have the common object to aixte maintenance of proper standards of education, examination and There were three Engineering Colleges, granted approvalwithin the territorial jurisdiction of Anna University, Madurai.

By letter dated 1st August, petitioner who is a candidate seeking admission to Approvql University said, inter alia, as follows regarding 2requirement of production of AICTE course approval The requisite approval process and procedure handbooks are published from time to time.

Railway Claims Tribunal 0.